Could you help me with this? and Would you like a little lick? chloe/lionel fanart

Originally posted by malugargula at 'Could you help me with this?' and 'Would you like a little lick?'
Your Username: malugargula
Username of the requester: futurescribbler
The prompt: Chloe/Lionel. Chloe chooses another option with regards to Lionel. She seduces him.
Title of the work: 'Could you help me with this?' and 'Would you like a little lick?'
Pairing: Chloe/Lionel
Type of fill: Art
Rating: R
Length: 2 images

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Sunken Ships Details and Rules!! Event Open: May 1 - May 31!!

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General Rules/Pairings:

  • This event is open to ALL non-canon ships for Smallville.  NO fully realized canon ships allowed.  What this means is if it is generally accepted the characters dated or married, they can NOT be used in this event.  So no Clana, Lexana, Chimmy, Clois, Lollie, Chlollie, etc.  If you unsure about if a pairing is canon or not, just send me a message.

  • This event can include het, slash/fem slash, and group pairings, but all characters must be featured in the Smallville universe.  No characters that are only "mentions" and no other fandoms.  So no Wonder Woman, Batman, Winchesters, etc.

  • To paticipate, please join the community.  Community membership does not require you to participate.

  • You do not need to pre-register for this event.  You will be considered registered/participating in the event if you post any prompts or complete any fills.

  • Event is open for prompts starting April 30th, but event will officially run from May 01 - May 31st, 2015.

  • All works must be posted by May 31st, 2015.

How to Participate:

  • If you wish to participate, this event has 2 parts.  Prompts and fills.  Prompts are stories/art/vids that you would like someone to create for YOU.  Fills are what YOU create for SOMEONE ELSE.  Both parts are required for this event.  If you wish to participate, you must SUBMIT at least 3 prompts, and you must FILL at least one prompt for another person.

  • Prompts/Fills can be any of the listed items: fics, art, vids.


  • Post your prompts as INDIVIDUAL COMMENTS ON THIS POST.  It is important each Comment/Prompt be seperate so people can respond.

  • Prompts can be specific or general.  You must post at least 3 prompts, but you can do as many as you like.  More is definitely better.  You should get your prompts up as quickly as possible so other fillers have plenty of time to work up something for it.

  • Prompts can be specific pairings (Clark/Chloe, Lex/Lois, etc), or open to the choice of the creator (Chloe/other, Oliver with Lana or Dinah, or Any Male/Any Female, etc).   They can be requests around specific stories/scenes/or episodes.  Example:  A rewrite of Rush with Chloe and Bart together.

  • They can also be open prompts like, I want to see Chloe and Lex happy together.  They can even be poetry or song lyrics.  Example:  Clark/Lex "Shut up and dance with me."

  • You can also request or leave it open if you would like it filled as a fic, art, or vid.  Example:  I'd like a artwork of Lana and Lois as FemSlash Amazons.

  • If there are specific things you want or do not want, please note them as part of the prompt.  Examples:  No Chlavis, please.  OR  I would like this fic to be NC-17. OR  No non-con/rape or incest.

  • I have posted a number of prompts to get things started.  If you don't see any prompts for your preferred pairing after the event is open for a few days, please let me know and I'll make sure some are posted for you.  I tried to get at least one prompt up for each 'ship I knew would be participating, along with several "open" prompts.

  • FILLS: 

  • It is up to you to choose what prompt(s) you wish to fill.  If you find a prompt you want to use, you should comment on it.  This will claim it for you.  Do not claim a prompt you will not/cannot fill.  If a prompt is claimed or filled, you must choose another prompt.  We don't want multiple fills of a single prompt.

  • To count as a "FILL":  Fics: at least 500 words.  Art: at least one piece of art.  Vids: at least 10 seconds.

  • Post your fills as NEW POSTS to this community.

  • When you post a fill, be sure to include a header with:

  1. Your Username (post all your Usernames if linking to another site)

  2. Username of the requester

  3. The prompt

  4. Pairing

  5. Type of fill:  Fic, Art, Vid

  6. Rating

  7. Length (words, number of images, minutes/secs)

  • Under the header, set a Livejournal cut with your work below.  Under the cut, you can directly put the work or link to your journal/A3O/photobucket.  If you post a link, make sure users do not have to register to see the works (so no

  • Keep in mind that this event is open to all pairings, so there will probably be pairings/ratings you do no like, do not want, do not wish to see/read/etc.  That is FINE.  If you don't want to see/read it, just skip over those pairings.  It is NOT ok to bash any user, prompt, or pairing on the boards.  Any negativity towards a user or prompt will see you removed from this event.  However, this doesn't mean you are restricted from depicting the characters in a negative light WITHIN YOUR STORY OR FILL.

  • So go out and write/create/vid all the wonderful 'ships that never got a chance!!!


Attention Chlarkers, Chlexers, Clexers, and all other sunken ships....

Originally posted by phillydragonldy at Attention Chlarkers, Chlexers, Clexers, and all other sunken ships....

Would anyone be interested in doing a prompt/fill exchange for any/all SUNKEN SHIPS for Smallville?  This is only ships that never really got off the ground or never happened at all, so no Chlollie, Lexana, Clana, etc.  But ANY OTHER SHIP IS FAIR GAME.

You want to prompt/do something for Chlark?  Go for it!  Chlavis?  Yup!  Chlex?  Heck yes!  A 3-way Lois/Bart/Lex?  Sure!

This would be pretty loose, but the basics would be if you want to prompt something, you have to do a fill for someone else.  You can prompts whoever/whatever, or as many as you want, but you must fill at least one for someone else.  Fics, art, vids...all open.

Thinking if there is interest...maybe April or May?  4 or 6 weeks to run it?

So, want to do it?