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KissAndTellConfess will have Smallville Week October 19th-23rd. Submit your Chlark, or other Smallville ship, confessions, or just general Smallville confessions that have nothing to do with shipping, starting now. You can submit as many as you like, there’s no limit on the number one person can confess. So anything you want to confess about feel free. Thoughtful, sexy, fun, romantic, it’s all good. Spread the word to your friends! Even if they don’t have a Tumblr account they can come to the page and submit anonymously.

So come on, my fellow Smallville fans! Let’s celebrate the show!

*All ships welcome except Clois. Confessions about Lois, either alone or with another character, such as shipping her with Ollie or Lana, etc, are welcome. Clois is the only exception.

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